ScubaPro K2 Dive Sock – Kuivapuvun sukat


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ScubaPro K2 Dive Sock – Kuivapuvun sukat

The K2 sock is designed to be worn inside drysuit boots to keep feet toasty warm during those extended bottom times.

  • Compatible with all kinds of drysuits
  • Made from the same K2 fleece that you find in SCUBAPRO’s K2 drysuit undergarments
  • Breathable and stretchy for maximum comfort as well as warmth
  • High-cut design covers a lot of ankle area.
  • Available in black with attractive gray stitching.


Paino 1,2 kg (kilogramma)

37-39 (XS/S), 40-42 (M/L), 43-45 (XL/XXL), 46-48 (XXXL/XXXXL)

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