ScubaPro K2 Extreme aluspuku, miesten – 629 g/m2!


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ScubaPro K2 Extreme aluspuku

Dive comfortably in Finland and all cold waters with the K2 Extreme.  This undersuit features an impressive 629 g/m² of breathable, stretchy dual-fleece material fleece for maximum thermal protection. It’s also relatively compact, making it easy to slide in and out of your dry suit.

  • 629 g/m² of fleece for maximum thermal protection
  • Extra compression padding where you need it, on shoulders, chest and knees
  • Hip pockets with zips
  • Elastic wrist loops
  • Stitched heel straps that keep their shape
  • Men’s model features a front double slider zipper
  • Women’s model has an additional zipper at rear — no need to undress for a toilet break!
  • A slot on both legs for routing hoses to Pee-valves




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