Galileo HUD ‘Heads-Up Display’ tietokone – Aloittelijasta trimixiin, et tiedä mistä jäät paitsi! Piipahda DiveHardilla esittelyssä.

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Hämmästyttävä ‘Heads-Up Display’ -tietokone virkistyskäyttöön, tec:iin ja trimixiin, apneaan ja CCR:än! Piipahda DiveHardilla esittelyssä!

Tämä vallankumouksellinen tietokone sopii maskiisi ja heijastaa virtuaalisen näytön. Se näyttää suunnilleen samankokoiselta kuin kannettavaa tietokonetta pidettäisiin metrin päässä silmiesi edessä. Siinä on kaikki sukellustietosi, koko ajan suoraan silmiesi edessä. Kun käytät lähetintä, näet siellä myös kaasutasosi.

Galileo HUDissa on SCUBA-, Gauge-, Apnea- ja CCR-tilat, valikoima ZH-L16-algoritmejä mukaan lukien gradient factorin sekä 8 valittavissa olevaa kaasua. Käyttö, mukaan lukien kaasujen asetus ja valitseminen veden alla, on todella helppoa jopa kuivahanskoilla.

Heads-up kompassin avulla navigointi ei ole ongelma, vaikka molemmat kätesi olisivat täynnä. HUDissa on jopa pinta-GPS-navigointi! Bluetooth-yhteys tuo sukelluslokisi puhelimeesi tai tietokoneellesi ilman johtoa. Käytä mukana tulevaa kaapelia litiumakun lataamiseen tai laiteohjelmiston päivittämiseen.

Tsekkaa täydet tekniset tiedot alta ja piipahda DiveHardilla esittelyssä…

Miten se sopii?

HUDin mukana tulee myös yleiskiinnike, joka sopii useimpiin ScubaPron ja muiden valmistajien kaksilinssisiin maskeihin. ScubaPron D Maskissa on oma, integroidut HUD-kiinnikkeet. Yksilinssisen maskin käyttäjille ScubaPron Frameless HUD-maskissa on integroitu HUD-kiinnitys. Erikoissovitin sopii ScubaPron Zoo-maskeihin.




MICRO OLED DISPLAY uses near-eye optics to create a screen image that appears at a
virtual distance of approximately 1 metre, making it easy to monitor your dive data without losing eye
contact with your dive surroundings.

HANDS-FREE DATA MONITORING is also perfect for photographers or anyone engaged in
underwater activities that require both hands, including military and public safety divers.

INTUITIVE PUSH-WHEEL allows you to access and control HUD functions with one hand. Simply rotate and press – couldn’t be easier.

CONVENIENT FLIP-UP FEATURE, reminiscent of military night vision goggles, enables
you to tilt the HUD display up and out of the way. When it’s time to resume data monitoring, flip the
display back into position and you’re ready to track your dive.




◊ Lightweight (neutrally buoyant) and easily mountable to a dual-lens mask.
◊ Hinge mechanism allows you to easily flip up the HUD when not in use.
◊ Intuitive menu structure and push-wheel interface make for eff ortless navigation through the system.
◊ Full-Colour OLED 96x64p display
◊ Choice of 2 algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG, or ZH-L16 GF.
◊ PMG algorithm offers Microbubble levels and Profi le Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS).
◊ Selectable dive modes: SCUBA, Gauge, Apnea and CCR.
Trimix and Nitrox compatible, with advanced CCR functionality.
Up to 8 selectable gases in SCUBA mode, plus oxygen and diluent in CCR mode and 2 changeable set points for CCR diving.
◊ Compatible with the SCUBAPRO Smart transmitter for hoseless tank pressure monitoring.
◊ Provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) based on the workload from breathing.
3D full-tilt digital compass allows you to store 3 pre-programmed headings.
Includes built-in GPS for surface navigation.
◊ Maximum operating depth: 120m.
◊ Rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of dive time per charge in Power Save mode.
◊ 2GB memory stores 10,000 hours of diving.
Download data via Bluetooth or USB cable.
◊ Compatible with Apple and Android devices, as well as Windows and MAC, using LogTRAK.


GALILEO HUD INCLUDES: HUD, USB charging cable, Transmitter (Optional!), universal mask holder for fitting to a dual-lens diving mask just above the right eye. There are also options available for mounting the holder to single lens masks with ScuabPro’s Frameless HUD mask.


Valinnainen Smart+ Pro Transmitter


Enjoy the convenience of air integration without the hassle of a dangling hose. This new low-profile Smart transmitter greatly improves communication reliability and works with SCUBAPRO’s most advanced dive computers. It screws into a high pressure port on your first stage and relays tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT) to the computer screen. The latest version features a built-in LED located at the top of the cap that gives you an estimate of tank pressure when the first stage is attached to a tank. This lets you know if the tank has gas without needing to activate the computer.


  • Easy to use, you only need to pair it to your computer once – the first time you use it.
  • Coded transmission technology prevents interference between different dive computers.
  • Compact size
  • Better HP hose routing
  • Powered by a user-replaceable CR 2PE/BN 0 lithium battery that’s good for two years or 300 hours of diving, whichever comes first.
  • 100 bar and over = Slow Short Blinking Green light
  • Between 100 bar and 50 bar = Short Double Blinking Yellow Light
  • Below 50 bar = Long Single Blink Red Light


Valinnainen Digital Heart Rate Belt

Factoring your heart rate into your decompression calculations helps make diving safer and a lot more fun. A lightweight waterproof ECG (electrocardiogram) transmitter is clipped onto the elastic belt that straps around the chest, directly against the skin. This belt wirelessly transmits your heart rate data to your SCUBAPRO personal dive computer. Data is displayed on the screen, plus is factored into your decompression calculations to create a more personalized dive plan and improve the quality of your diving. .Both skin temperature data and heart rate data are factored into your decompression algorithm, making diving safer and more enjoyable.

  • Comfortable to wear with soft strap
  • Easy to use, just strap it on and enjoy the benefits of biometrics
  • Reliable ECG transmitter provides a patented skin temperature measurement.
  • Compact design saves space in your dive bag
  • Convenient clip can be added and removed from the elastic belt so it can be rinsed and dried fully post-diving
  • Powered by a user replaceable CR2032 type battery, that lasts for around 50 dive hours or 1 year.
  • Heart Rate Belt has an operation depth of 120 meters / 394 feet


Valinnainen Frameless HUD maski

Frameless HUD-maskissa on integroitu sovitin.


Valinnainen Zoom maski sovitin

Erikoissovitin sopii ScubaPron Zoo-maskeihin.









Galileo HUD computer, Galileo HUD computer with transmitter