Gear Aid Odor Eliminator – neutraloi hajuja


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Gear Aid Odor Eliminator – neutraloi hajuja

Odor Eliminator doesn’t hide or cover-up bad odors — it safely removes the bacteria causing the smell. Water-activated microbes eat the bacteria, then consume themselves. No need to rinse — just hang your gear to dry. If items are mouldy, wash first with soap and water, then remove the smell with Odor Eliminator.

Use Odor Eliminator as a spray, or use it to soak items like neoprene suits. Add it to a machine wash as another option to easily refresh base layers and activewear. This gentle formula can be used on most fabrics including fleece and cotton. From wetsuits to tents, eliminate bad odors once and for all with Revivex Odor Eliminator!

  • Powerful – Effectively eliminates odor causing bacteria from mildew, mold, pets and perspiration
  • Natural – Gentle formula with water-activated microbes effectively removes odor without damaging gear
  • Concentrated – 15ml with 70 litres of water and treat multiple garments at once
  • HE Compatible – Designed for all types of washing machines; use as a spray or soak to treat hard to wash items like wetsuits and tents
  • Multipurpose – Use on outerwear, athletic clothes, cycling gear, sandals, rugs and pet items
  • 250 ml bottle


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