DUX Everes 23L tuplawingi + hihnasto + SS tai alu selkälevy


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Complete DIR-style set of DUX Everes  23 litre double wing, harness and backplate!

Choose  3 mm stainless steel or 3mm aluminium backplate for travel…

Very strong, double-layer Everes wing with rounded donut design for good buoyancy control and minimum effort moving through the water.

Wing has 23 litre capacity — recommended for tanks 2x12L / 2x18L plus stage cylinders.

23 litres is a perfect size with these tank sizes, giving a safe amount of head lift on the surface, without excess drag underwater.  At DiveHard our experience is that 20 or 21 litre wings are too close to the limit — especially if you have extra fixed weight on your tanks to counteract gas consumption on deco dives.

Because this is a DIR-style set up, it comes with a foldable D-ring on the left hip only. We recommend upgrading to fixed 90-degree D-rings on both hips: then you can use the spare left-hip triglide to hold the inflator tube higher up on your left shoulder if you find it more ergonomic that way.

  • Strong, double layer wing is built to last
  • Heavy duty, high-quality power inflator has metal buttons
  • Backplate includes buoy pocket with screw set
  • DIR style harness includes tec knife
  • Harness and backplate come fully assembled
  • Includes 60 cm inflator hose
  • Excellent availability of spare parts





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3mm Stainless steel, 3mm Aluminium