SeaYa canister light 70 watt, 8000 lumen with 24.15 Ah Li-Ion battery + heating outlet

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Noudettavissa 6 pv / kodin toimitettuna 9 pv



SeaYa canister light — 70 watt, 8000 lumen.

100%, 50% and 20% power modes on light head. 10 degree spot.

24.15 Ah battery — power enough for light and heat.

Direct cable to lamp head plus EO cable for e.g. suit heating.

Single toggle switch in canister head allows use of one or both outlets.


These lamps are the real business, made in Europe with EU and US parts. Click here for more info:



Technical specifications

Light head

Light source: 7x CREE® XP-L HI
Power: max. 70 W
Luminance: max. 8400 lm
Colour temperature: 5700 °K
Light distribution angle: 10°
Modes: 100%-50%-20%
Max. operating depth: 150 m
Head dimensions (length x diameter): 86 mm x 74/60 mm
Colour: black, red, blue, green
Made of: anodized aluminum
Type of handle: Goodman


Light head available in black or red. Blue, green and fuchsia on request. Black is delivered as standard. Please add a comment in the space provided when ordering, if you request a colour other than black.


Battery pack

Battery pack capacity 13.8 Ah 24.15 Ah 41.4 Ah
Weight on the surface 2.1 kg 2.7 kg 3.7 kg
Weight in water 0.8 kg 1.1 kg 1.5 kg


24.15 Ah battery pack dimensions: 70/306 mm.

Automatic charger for Li-Ion battery packs with compartment included.


LED 70W working time

Designed specifically for SeaYa LED 70W SPOT, the electronics signal the approaching end of lamp life by automatic reduction of output power from 100% to 20% and then to 5%. This gives the user the time to safely end diving or take a decision about further progress – and provides maximum use of the battery pack while ensuring its safe operation.


Battery pack capacity  13.8 Ah
 24.15 Ah
 41.4 Ah
Working time in minutes, at A (100%) + B (50%) + C (5%) power  95+40+35  (A) 180 + (B) 65 + (C) 60 285+120+105



SeaYa LED 70W SPOT is a smart design made of the best materials, ensuring its durability and functionality in use. The head is manufactured in Poland, using components designed and manufactured in Poland. SeaYa designs are complemented by components of the highest quality, from the European Union and the US.



Paino 0,5 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 20 × 10 × 6 cm (senttimetri)