ScubaPro professional marker buoy, merkkipoiju 140 x 18 cm


Noudettavissa 6 pv / kodin toimitettuna 9 pv


3 ways to inflate — regulator, mouth or inflator hose!

These new professional grade surface marker buoys feature a double inflation system with
an open bottom and duck beak valve as well as a metal inflator.

The buoy is constructed of durable 210D nylon with HF welded seams. There’s a stainless steel D-ring and bungee loop on the lower end, with a plastic D-ring on top for a flashlight.

◊ Double inflation system – open bottom/duck beak valve + metal inflator
◊ With dump Valve
◊ Material: 210D Nylon
◊ Dimensions: 140 x 18 cm



Paino 1 kg (kilogramma)