ScubaPro Galileo G3

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ScubaPro Galileo G3

The Galileo 3 (G3) is SCUBAPRO’s premium watch-style dive computer, combining a sleek design and color display with a classic timepiece look. The G3’s vibrant, highcontrast full-color display offers easy readability and a backlight for excellent visibility in all conditions. Utilizing Galileo’s trusted menu design and four button control, it’s extremely intuitive to navigate through dive modes, two algorithm choices, screen styles and other personalized dive management options. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and built to last with a stainless steel housing, the G3 delivers everything you need in a dive computer with the comfort and style of an everyday wristwatch.

◊ Modern watch-style dive computer with a classic timepiece look.
◊ Vibrant high-contrast full-color display and backlight provide excellent readability in all conditions.
◊ Robust stainless steel housing for diving up to 300 meters/984 ft. Ergonomic design features rounded case back and edges making it comfortable to wear.
◊ Stainless steel rotatable timing bezel features self-luminescent digits and markers to increase visibility in lowlight conditions. In Gauge mode, the bezel can be used to set and track your dive time.
◊ Intuitive Galileo full text menu design and four button controls make it easy to navigate through the system. Menu available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.
◊ Choice of 2 selectable algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG or ZHL-16 GF (Gradient Factors).
3 dive modes: Scuba, Gauge & Apnea. In Scuba mode, four settings available: Trimix, CCR, Sidemount & PMG.
◊ Pair up to 8 nitrox/trimix tanks (PMG) plus a diluent tank in CCR and a pony bottle to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario.
◊ Compatible with SCUBAPRO SMART+ & SMART+PRO transmitters for hoseless tank pressure monitoring.
◊ Sport mode offers a swim stroke counter, activity counter (pedometer) and stopwatch for topside sports.
Wireless air Integration monitors tank pressure plus provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) and allows air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation.
◊ Personalized dive management functions include PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) which calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving. Also, Microbubble levels let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
Optional Heart Rate Monitoring  lets you track your heart rate while diving or when engaged in topside sports. While diving, your heart rate and skin temperature can be factored into the workload of the adaptive algorithm to help make your dive safer and more enjoyable.
◊ Choice of screen display configurations lets you customize your data presentation with Light or Classic screen options to suit your individual diving style
3D digital tilt-compensated compass features a top view full compass rose display.
◊ Smart notifications such as emails, texts, media player controls and alerts when paired with a compatible iPhone
Bluetooth Low Energy interface lets you download dives to any iOS or Android device or PC/Mac.
◊ Firmware can be user-updated with LogTrak 2.0 iOS or Android app.
Built to last with a TFT LCD display, sapphire glass lens, and a stainless steel housing.
Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 30 hours per charge depending on dive and watch settings being utilized.
◊ Comfortable 22mm black silicone strap included. Interchangeable accessory bands are available to match your style.
◊ Dimensions: Diameter 47.2 mm (screen 30.9mm). Height 17mm
◊ Maximum Operating Depth : 300m.

Valinnainen Smart+ Pro Transmitter

Enjoy the convenience of air integration without the hassle of a dangling hose. This new low-profile Smart transmitter greatly improves communication reliability and works with SCUBAPRO’s most advanced dive computers. It screws into a high pressure port on your first stage and relays tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT) to the computer screen. The latest version features a built-in LED located at the top of the cap that gives you an estimate of tank pressure when the first stage is attached to a tank. This lets you know if the tank has gas without needing to activate the computer.

◊ Easy to use, you only need to pair it to your computer once – the first time you use it.
◊ Coded transmission technology prevents interference between different dive computers.
◊ Compact size
◊ Better HP hose routing
◊ Powered by a user-replaceable CR 2PE/BN 0 lithium battery that’s good for two years or 300 hours of diving, whichever comes first.
◊ More visible LED Indicator Status:
◊ 1,450 psi/100 bar and over = Slow Short Blinking Green light
◊ Between 1,450 psi/100 bar and 725 psi/50 bar = Short Double Blinking Yellow Light
◊ Below 725 psi/50 bar = Long Single Blink Red Light


Valinnainen Digital Heart Rate Belt

Factoring your heart rate into your decompression calculations helps make diving safer and a lot more fun. A lightweight waterproof ECG (electrocardiogram) transmitter is clipped onto the elastic belt that straps around the  chest, directly against the skin. This belt wirelessly transmits your heart rate data to your SCUBAPRO personal dive computer. Data is displayed on the screen, plus is factored into your decompression calculations to create a more personalized dive plan and improve the quality of your diving. .Both skin temperature data and heart rate data are factored into your decompression algorithm, making diving safer and more enjoyable.

◊ More comfortable to wear with soft strap
◊ Easy to use, just strap it on and enjoy the benefits of biometrics
◊ More reliable ECG transmitter provides a patented skin temperature measurement.
◊ Compact design saves space in your dive bag
◊ Convenient clip can be added and removed from the elastic belt so it can be rinsed and dried fully post-diving
◊ Powered by a user replaceable CR2032 type battery, that lasts for around 50 dive hours or 1 year.
◊ Heart Rate Belt has an operation depth of 120 meters / 394 feet


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