ScubaPro Frameless HUD for Galileo HUD computer


Noudettavissa 6 pv / kodin toimitettuna 9 pv

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SCUBAPRO’s FRAMELESS HUD Mask is conveniently modified to carry the Galileo HUD (heads-up display) computer.


The rectangular single lens shape provides a clear field of view on the periphery as well as straight ahead. The soft silicone skirt and double-edge seal is comfortable and feels good against the skin. The buckle system is easy to use and allows for quick adjustments. The buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes the strap angle when adjusting the fit. A wide headband spreads the load on the back of the head, greatly enhancing comfort.


  • Silicone near the mask frame is thicker and firmer with a matte finish for additional support and rigidity.
  • Frameless single lens design provides a wide field of vision.
  • Double seal system on a soft silicone skirt offers a comfortable, leak-proof fit.
  • Quick & easy to adjust buckles attached to the mask skirt.
  • Conveniently folds flat for travel.
  • Wide headband fits comfortably against the back of the head.







Paino 0,5 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 22 × 14 × 14 cm (senttimetri)