ScubaPro EverFlex YULEX® 7,5/5mm märkäpuku, miesten


  • Valinnainen OneFlex 4mm vest *

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ScubaPro EverFlex YULEX® 7,5/5mm märkäpuku, miesten

YULEX is ScubaPro’s most flexible and stretchy neoprene for the closest fit. The 7.5mm thickness on the body suits diving in Finland, the Canary Ilses and the Mediterranean for example. The 5mm thickness on the arms and legs adds to the suit’s flexibilty where you need it. Not sure of your size? Ask our advice or drop by the shop!

ScubaPro kokotaulukko


  • Pure Design Concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum range of motion.
  • Multi-thickness panels deliver a combination of warmth and flexibility.
  • Blue Diamond Span inner fleece lining’s warm and water-draining material enhances cold-water protection. It is combined with a second black lining for improved stretch, also making dressing and undressing much easier.
  • Internal cuff seals with zippered cuffs on ankles and wrists feature YKK brass sliders for durability, watertightness and easy donning.
  • Double blind-stitched outer seams are durable and watertight, and single blind-stitched inner seams are comfortable against bare skin.
  • Seat and shoulder areas are protected by an abrasion resistant outside lining to increase durability and extend the life of the suit. Printed pads on knees and shoulders provide additional abrasion protection.
  • Vertical rear YKK zipper with brass slider offers increased long-term durability, and the long webbing puller makes it easy to use.
  • YULEX® dive: Plant-based foam made from FSC-certified-natural rubber. 100 % neoprene-free.
  • YULEX® dive is specifically formulated to resist wetsuit compression while diving.
  • Interior & exterior black polyester lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Valinnainen OneFlex 4mm vest

A good choice as a cold-proof layer typically worn over a full body wetsuit in Finland.  We recommend that if you are in the upper third of the kokotaulukko for the EverFlex 7/5, you choose a OneFlex 4mm vest one size larger.

    • Constructed of high-stretch eco-friendly X-Foam 4mm neoprene with 3mm in the short sleeves and armpits for comfort and range of motion.
    • Ultra-durable 2-sided polyester lining provides excellent resistance to heat, UV rays and chlorine, substantially extending the life of the shorty, even after repeated use.
    • Triathlon cut employs wider panels covering the underarm and back areas that allow unrestricted arm and shoulder movement.
    • Reversible
    • Pure Design Concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum flexibility.
    • Diagonal front YKK zipper with brass slider is durable, easy to use and makes easy work of donning and doffing.
    • Anti-abrasion material on shoulders and seat cushion the diver while protecting the shorty from scrapes and scuffs.
    • New round logo on the right arm/shoulder with size colour coding and lettering allows for easy identification.
    • Shorty is assembled using a solvent-free glue, a 100% green process.






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