ScubaPro EverFlex hood 3/2 huppo


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ScubaPro EverFlex hood 3/2 huppo

A welcome addition for warm-water diving, and a lightwieght hood for cold-water surface swimmers.

This updated 3mm hood features a new design and pattern, and a new interior plush lining for comfort. The hood is made of 100% high-stretch Everflex Nylon outside lining for maximum flexibility.

  • NEW design and pattern improves fit and comfort for warm-water dives.
  • Made with 3/2mm X-Foam neoprene, a very specific limestone-based neoprene complying with strict PAH and REACH regulations.
  • 100% high-stretch Everflex Nylon outside and NEW interior plush makes donning and doffing super easy and provides excellent comfort.
  • Assembled using a solvent-free glue, a 100% green process.
  • Available in a variety of unisex double sizes.


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