Scubapro Delta Boot 6.5 neopreenikengät vetoketjulla


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Scubapro Delta Boot 6.5 Dive Boots


The classic Delta boot enjoys a fresh design with impressive new arch support, a wider foot pocket plus a new sole featuring a heel designed to help prevent divers’ feet from sliding when climbing boat ladders.

The built-in arch provides a lot of welcomed arch support, and the full-cut foot pocket delivers a cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. Inside, a quick-drying Diamond Span lining improves warmth.

The boot’s rubberised armor on the toe cap and heel cap offer lots of protection without adding bulk to the boot. Offering both comfort and protection, the Delta boot is a great choice for virtually any cold-water diving scenario.

  • Provides full-featured foot protection for cold-water diving
  • New arch provides a new level of support and comfort
  • An extra wide foot pocket creates a cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet
  • Diamond Span interior is quick-drying, comfortable and enhances warmth
  • New sole with heel helps prevent slipping on a boat ladder
  • Toe cap provides some cushion while protecting against abrasion from the edge of the fin pocket
  • Heel cap includes a fin strap keeper
  • The long zipper makes it easy to put the boot on and secures with a Velcro tab



E.g. a size 40 foot requires a Delta M size and a Jet Sport Adjustable fin in M size.


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