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Valinnainen 'Mini Dry' snorkkeli

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ScubaPro Child 2 lasten maskit

In our experience the Child 2 mask fits children of about 4 to 6 years. It provides a safe, comfortable fit with good vision. Older children are typically suited to the Mini Vu mask.

  • Suited for small or narrow faces
  • Dual lens design for an enhanced field of view
  • Clear polycarbonate for clarity and impact resistance
  • Hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt molds to your face for a watertight fit
  • Large nose pocket for easy equalizing
  • Durable yet lightweight design
  • Mask box not included


Valinnainen ‘Mini Dry’ snorkkeli

Smaller lungs need a smaller snorkel. A dry top snorkel helps keep the water out, for care-free fun.

  • Dry top snorkel closes before water enters, even under water
  • Soft, non allergic silicone mouthpiece
  • Purge valve – blow to clear any water out the bottom
  • Colours match the Mini Vu and Child 2 masks


Paino 0,5 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 22 × 16 × 16 cm (senttimetri)
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