SCUBAPRO Cares Ocean Clean-Up Bag


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SCUBAPRO Cares Ocean Clean-Up Bag

Divers can do their part to keep the oceans clean by carrying a SCUBAPRO Cares Ocean Clean-Up Bag. While out on a dive, if you come across a rusty can, a bit of plastic, or other underwater litter, simply unfold the bag and load the trash. The fabric and mesh construction allows water to flow through the bag by minimising drag.It also makes the bag easy to clean after returning to the surfacea and emptying the contents.

  • Velcro closure keeps the contents secure
  • Blue bungee keeps the bag neatly rolled up when not in use
  • Large double D-rings can be used as handles and provide clip-off points for attaching to a BCD or belt
  • Dimensions: 55x37x10cm
  • Volume: 20L


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