DIVESOFT DNA nitrox analyser – analyysi puhelinsovelluksessa!


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DIVESOFT DNA nitrox analyser

The revolutionary nitrox analyzer Divesoft DNA is connected wirelessly via bluetooth to a phone with the Android or iOS operating system and is intuitively operated from the Divesoft.app mobile application Divesoft.app | Divesoft

The analyzer itself is very compact and light (126g with an installed R22 sensor with a Molex connector). The dimensions of the analyzer are roughly like a cylinder with a length of 111 mm and a diameter of 46 mm.

The analyzer is designed for the most common R22 type sensors with a Molex connector.

The oxygen measurement range is 1-100% with an accuracy of +-1%.

The analyzer is powered by a standard CR2450 coin cell battery, which lasts 1-2 years during normal operation (depending on the frequency of measurements).

Both the battery and the oxygen sensor are easily user replaceable.

During measurement, the body of the analyzer is pressed directly onto the valve of the measured bottle.
The analyzer inlet is also compatible with the Divesoft connection hose and the analyzer can therefore be used with the entire Divesoft portfolio of flow limitors.

The analyzer is supplied in a practical transport case.

The analyzer is supplied without an oxygen sensor. The O2 sensor must be purchased separately (if you don’t already have it)


R22S O2 anturi

Replacement for Divesoft analyzers (all generations). Required purchase for DNA analyser.

Oxygen sensor with Molex connector.

Produce voltage 10mv +-2,5mV on air.
Life in air approx. 36 months.


Valinnainen täyttöletkun liitäntä

Measure gas mixtures with this quick connection to your regulator inflator hose, without removing and replacing regulators from cylinders.

Kit includes:

  • DIVESOFT Connection hose between analyzer and standard, professional or inflator flow limiters.
  • DIVESOFT Inflator Flow Limiter


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