Apeks XTX50/TEK3 Twin set

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Apeks XTX50/TEK3 Twin set

Original Apeks set for doubles, includes:


1st stage TEK3, (1 x left, 1 x right)

  • membrane balanced
  • closed by a dry chamber – DS system
  • 3 x MP outlet 3/8″ UNF
  • 1 x HP outlet 7/16″ UNF
  • location of MP outputs: on the desktop
  • all-metal body with maximum surface area
  • variant R (right) and L (left) for double assembly
  • material: brass
  • surface finish: polished chrome
  • weight: 690 g
  • DIN 300 bar, all-metal fitting
  • EN250A

2nd stage XTX50 (2x)

  • pneumatically balanced
  • venturi effect controller
  • DCE: the possibility of deploying two types of exhalation deflectors
  • RVS: option to connect the hose from the left or right side
  • CRC: screw for continuous regulation of inspiratory resistance
  • front cover made of very strong composite material
  • large shower button with dual flow control
  • heat exchanger
  • antibacterial treatment
  • COMFO-BITE antibacterial mouthpiece
  • silicone exhalation valve
  • weight: 240 g

TECH manometer

  • nickel plated brass body
  • tempered glass window
  • black dial, white scale
  • diameter 52 mm


  • 1 x MP, TX, 0.61m, 3/8″ UNF, Black synthetic rubber
  • 1 x MP, TX, 2.1m, 3/8″ UNF, Black synthetic rubber
  • 1 x HP, TX, 0.65m, 7/16″ Black synthetic rubber


  • Bungee Connector Kit
  • exhalation deflectors short, 2 pairs


The Apeks Tek3 Regulators are designed for twin sets; each first stage is a mirror image of the other. These Left and Right Handed first stages have angled ports that are made to route hoses downward to avoid snagging, crossing hoses and restricted access to your valves. Each first stage is tapped out of a single piece of metal with a unique over-balanced design that increases performance at depth.

The Tek3 first stages are  combined with XTX50 second stages, which can be reversed. These pneumatically balanced, user adjustable  second stages give a smooth easy breathe at depth. The two stage progressive purge button lets you better control how much gas is purged. Active Microbial Protection on the second stage actively kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, and is also very effective against viruses, mould, yeast and algae. A large Venturi Lever operates the pre-dive mechanism, which redirects airflow inside the second stage to help prevent freeflow.


Paino 3 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 30 × 25 × 30 cm (senttimetri)
Valitse vaihtoehto:

MK25 S620ti (ilman R195 octo), MK25 S620ti + R195 octo, MK25 S620ti +R195 octo + compact SPG letkulla

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