60 metre sidewinder reel – delrin, stainless, polyester with kevlar core


Heti noudettavissa / kodin toimitettuna 3 pv .


High-quality DUX  reel with 60 metres of line.This is a good all-purpose reel with good handling. It’s also essential in cave and mine diving as a safety reel for lost line and lost diver scenarios (in addition to 120 m primary reel).

Handle and spool are machined from solid Delrin. Central spindle and brake screw are machined from 316 marine-grade stainless steel. Line is non-floating 1.8mm polyester line with kevlar core for strength and reduced stretch. Includes stainless steel boltsnap.

  • Handle and spool machined from solid Delrin
  • Central spindle and brake screw machined from marine-grade 316 stainless steel .
  • Shape and structure of the reel is designed for easy unwinding of the guide-lines when swimming and scootering.
  • Designed for both left handed and right-handed use, allowing alternate hands.
  • Non-floating line knitted from polyester fiber with kevlar core, which provides high strength and no elongation of the line.


Paino 0,5 kg (kilogramma)